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About Me:

I have been a teacher at Arcata High School since 2007 (Focus: Special Education, Life Skills).  My passion is helping students express their self-determination and support the pursuit of their life goals.  In addition to teaching functional academics, I enjoy working with our staff to provide our students with a well-rounded experience in the acquisition of independent living skills and self-discovery.  I enjoy leading literary discussions, cooking experiences, playfully using humor and music to support social skill development (conversation, sign language, singing, role playing, drum circles, etc.) and exploring the world of gardening with our Life Skills students.
Period 1 Language Arts (Life Skills)
Period 2
Period 3 Science for Living (Life Skills)
Period 4 Vocational Skills (Life Skills)
Period 5 Language Arts (Life Skills)
Period 6 Recreation and Leisure (Life Skills)