UCs and CSUs have announced that they will no longer consider SAT or ACT scores in the admission process. For articles related to this announcement, please see below.

Purchasing AP Exams


October 13, 2021


Dear AP Parents and Students:


AP exams are in-person in a paper and pencil format this year. Students are required to do two things in order to take their respective AP exam(s).


  1. Sign up for MyAP at myap.collegeboard.org, and use their AP teacher’s unique join code to join their AP class.
  2. Purchase an exam through the Nohum District store at http://nhuhsd.3dcartstores.com/AHS-Pupil-Services_c_23.html 


Please note that signing up for MyAP and purchasing the exam are two separate steps and websites. Signing up for MyAP does not mean that you have purchased an exam, and purchasing an exam does not mean that your student has signed up for MyAP. Both steps must be taken on or before Wednesday, November 10, 2021, in order for your student to take their AP exam(s). If they do not do both they will not be able to take their exam(s). No exceptions. Tests are $97.


Please be sure to select the correct test as there will be no refunds given to students who purchase an incorrect test. There will also be no refunds for students who decide not to take the exam after the ordering deadline. Alternate test dates are available for students who have scheduling conflicts and will cost an additional $45. If your student is a Senior, please have them check with the university that they plan to attend to ensure that AP credit is granted for that course as not all universities give AP credit.


Fee Waiver

If students are part of the free and reduced lunch program, they automatically qualify for an AP exam fee waiver and cannot order their tests online. Instead, they must contact their counselor so that they can pay in person. All fee waivers must be paid either by check (made out to AHS) or cash. Cash payments must be exact change. With a fee waiver, exams are $25. If you are not part of the free and reduced lunch program but feel you qualify, please email your counselor.

Please contact your Counselor if you have any questions about AP, PSAT, SAT, or ACT test dates and fees.