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Health Resources

Crisis Counselor Eileen Klima

Arcata High's Crisis Counselor supports students who are in crisis and/or struggling with drug and alcohol problems. Students may sign up to see her on a clip board in the attendance office. She can also be reached by email at [email protected] or 825-2400.

Policy to see Mrs. Klima during school hours:

1. First go to class on time.

2. Ask your teacher to call Mrs. Klima to check if she is available to see you.

3. If Mrs. Klima is NOT available, stay in class.

4. If she is available, your teacher will send you to Mrs. Klima with a hall pass.

5. After working with Mrs. Klima, stop by Marie's desk to clear your pass.

6. If this is a non-emergency, see Ms. Barnett in front office and sign up on the clip board.

Nurse John Kell

Arcata High's nurse is on campus Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Our nurse conducts regular vision and hearing screenings, maintains students long-term health needs, and is available for short term and emergency health issues. Students are welcomed to make appointments or drop-in as needed during her open door hours. They can be reached by email [email protected] or 825-2410.


Healthy Kids Survey

*Ask your teacher for the School Code

"The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is the largest statewide survey of resiliency, protective factors, risk behaviors, and school climate in the nation. Across California, (Outside of California, click here), the CHKS has led to a better understanding of the relationship between students’ health behaviors and academic performance, and is frequently cited by state policymakers and the media as a critical component of school improvement efforts to help guide the development of more effective health, prevention, and youth development programs. It can be easily customized to meet local needs, interests, and standards, and provides a means to confidentially obtain data on student knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions about the topics it covers." From