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Resources for English IIICP Research

Research questions help you focus your research. Do not write a biography or an encyclopedia article. Your job is to create a thesis statement, stay focused on it and support it with your research.
Your teacher may post this content on their Google Classroom.
Google Doc (go to file and make a copy): Research Questions

Main question (this will be the focus of your thesis statement): How important was the societal improvement/ impact/ change by the work of this person/ organization? 

Choose 2-3 of the questions below to be the focus of your body paragraphs

How, why, and/or when did the person/ organization start in the work that impacted society?

What goals did the person/organization have?

What methods/ tools/ actions did the person/ organization use/ take or are still using/ taking?  

What major success and/or failures did the person/ organization account for?

How could the person/ organization have done better? What would have increased the effectiveness of the work?

How did the person/organization change over time?

How has the world/ society/ community changed due to the work of the person/ organization?

Your entire argument rests on finding credible sources for your research. Use the following resources to learn how to evaluate sources and then where to find different types of resources.
Mining Wikipedia (but not using it as a source) 
Noodletools is a Citation Creator that will build your Annotated Bibliography. It is free to all students through their school Gmail accounts. Go here to access Noodletools and here to learn how to use it and cite different sources.
OWL Purdue also has tips for citing sources