Senior Graduation Townhall Meeting (Recording)

Graduation Townhall Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm



  • Welcome:

  • Introductions:
    • Ron Perry - SRCHS Principal 
    • Ashley Lankila - MRHS Principal
    • Jim Monge - AHS Principal
    • Shelley Stewart - AHS Dean of Students
    • Tahina Campbell - AHS Assistant Principal

  • What we know:
    • All graduations are being planned for in person events in June
    • Each graduate will get a number of tickets for immediate family members
    • We will follow Public Health Guidelines: Meeting with them regularly for updates.
    • Graduations from the MHS football field will be live streamed via you tube & recorded for watching later
    • Tina will be taking professional photos at the AHS, MHS & SRCHS graduations.  Order forms will be coming out soon.
    • Will be featuring student speeches & music.
    • Graduates & Guests will be masked, able to unmask when they are handed their diploma.




Tickets per Graduate

Mad River

MHS Quad



Pacific Coast

AHS near GYM



Six Rivers

MHS football field

6/9/21    3:00 pm


McKinleyville HS

MHS football field

6/10/21  1:30 pm


Arcata HS

MHS football field

6/10/21  5:30 pm


*We will be asking graduates to RSVP for the live graduation

  • Pictures/Speeches/Performances
  • Livestream

  • What we are working on
    • Set up for the Graduation
    • Parking/Check in
    • When students will pick up diplomas - to be determined
    • How students will be seated (diplomas)

  • Graduation related Items
    • Each campus is planning a Safe and Sober event. Please refer to the leaders of these organizations for details and to get involved. 

  • MHS Angela Annotto-Vogt can be contacted at 
    • The Senior Class Safe and Sober Committee have scheduled an auction to raise money for their graduation party.  It will be an online auction hosted by Carl Johnson’s  May 7-16th. We are accepting donations until Friday. You can call me at 707-599-2004. Thank you

  • NHUHSD admin, senior class officers and senior class advisors are meeting with Public Health this Friday regarding possible Senior Activities

  • Your questions: Answers in BLUE
    • We have not received the cap and gown and we ordered it months ago. Just curious what's the normal time frame for the caps and gowns? - Work through site to contact Jim Grauel (MHS = Christine Willfong, AHS = Michelle Camili, SRCHS = Amber Pegg)
    • When will cap and gown orders be in? Early June
    • Will the cap and gowns be delivered individually to students at their home, or will the school be getting them, and give them out? - Usually they’re delivered to school sites, we will notify students when they can pick them up. Beginning of June
    • Six Rivers Question- what about cords? Cords awarded at Six Rivers are given to students with no cost.

  • What do you mean 5, 5 tickets for family members? - each graduate gets 5 tickets for family members.
  • Only 5 family members? - This is a conservative starting point, we hope the # will grow
  • What about siblings, are we each allowed 5? Yes!
  • Will twins get 10 tickets? - 5 tickets per graduate
  • How much are graduation tickets going to cost? Do we have an idea yet? - No Cost
  • Will there be ADA accessible seating and parking? - YES
  • Are there backup plans if it rains? - This is something as a district we need to work on
  • (reminder): MHS Banners for McKinleyville Ave, we need to get the waivers signed so we can celebrate all our seniors in town.  ASAP
  • Will there be graduation announcement order options through the school? This always goes through Jim Grauel (Ultimate Grad), please contact sites if you need help contacting him
  • Have caps & gowns come in yet? - No, early June is the expected date.
  • There has not been a graduation announcement option on Ultimate Grad website, is it now updated to include this option? - Not sure, need to reach out to Jim Grauel
  • If there are future questions who do we email? - Meeting for SRCHS coming next week, you can always contact
  • When does grad speech tryouts going to start?  A few weeks before graduation
  • What if you can’t afford a cap & gown?  Contact your site principal
  • Does anyone know what is happening with prom may I ask? - Not yet, district meeting with public health this Friday
  • Will there be a practice?  - Yep, a few days before the actual event.
  • Is there going to be another meeting like this when we have more information? - Sounds like a good idea and we will communicate out