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Library and Lab Staff Use Policies


Library & Lab Reservations

Use the Staff Library Resources webpage to check calendars and then complete the Labs & Library Lobby Request Form 24hrs before needed with consideration to the library aide's hours being 7:40am-2pm.

Reserve no more than 5 days in a row (except for special projects discussed with library staff).Library should be notified of cancellations as soon as possible.If you do not use the lab on the first day and DO NOT NOTIFY US, reservations will be cancelled.All requests must be put through the online system. Do not schedule labs by calling the library or going in person because there may be a request ahead with the online system. This includes SAME DAY requests. Use the form, then wait for a confirmation.Wait for an email confirmation. Do not call, come to pick up a cart, come by the desk, etc. Check the calendar the morning of your reservation.

Lab Procedures

Teachers review the AUP contract with students.Teachers must accompany students to labs and monitor the use of technology and student behavior.Students must print responsibly (only what is required for class).Teachers are recommended to assign students a certain number Chromebook to use each time it is in the room. Students are to be held accountable for damage or misuse of Chromebooks.Chromebooks should be returned to the library or to the next person in rotation promptly after use is completed. At the end of the day, carts are due to the library by 3:30pm. All chromebooks should be correctly ordered and plugged in, with the checkout sheet completed and signed by the teacher.

Textbook Checkout/in

Use the Library Teacher Resource Webpage and then complete the Textbook Request Form at least 24hrs before needed.  Textbook Calendar Link. Follow Textbook Distribution Procedures.

Sending a student 

All students MUST have a pass from class, even just to print
AHS Student Policies

Sending a group

Small groups (2-5 students) can be sent to the library with a pass if the library is not occupied by another class.  Larger groups should be accompanied by the whole class and teacher.


Teachers are required to supervise their classes in the library and lab.  Monitoring student computer and Internet use is part of teacher supervision. 


Do not schedule lab or library use with a substitute without checking with J. Berube first. 

Library Hours

M 7:40-2:50 T-F 7:40-3:30

Materials for Teacher Use

Teachers may check out videos and books for extended periods of time for classroom and personal use.  There is no deadline on checkout unless the material is requested by another patron. All materials are collected at the end of the school year for inventory purposes.


Links to E-Resources are available on the Library Student Resources

Library Catalog  Search for books and other materials online!

Databases are paid for by the school for student use and need a log-in.  Click on this link for login information for off-campus. Log into your school gmail to access the link.

Britannica School: Multidiscipline resource with access to content in various forms (articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, etc.).
Escolar: Accurate content in Spanish.
Facts on File Issues and Controversies: Reference materials include quick facts, articles, primary and secondary sources.

Global Issues in Context: Provides information on global issues with relevant contextual information

ProQuest Periodicals: newspapers, magazines, scholarly articles, and reference materials.

Teen Health and Wellness: Database provides students current, nonjudgmental, straightforward, curricular and self-help support. Topics include diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, and more.

NoodleTools  Bibliography, works cited, annotations, and note taking assistance.  

Library Staff:

Services to Teachers:

Debora Jacobsen

Library Aide


Textbook: Check-in/out requests: processing and repairing
Library: Check in/out materials: book repair

Labs and Lobby: Reserve labs; During drop-in times - assist in monitoring students Hours: 7:40-1:55

Jennifer Berube


District Eval Form

Collaborate on units involving research and technology

Reserve and research library resources for units; Provide reference assistance
Instruct students in research and tech skills; Support staff use of instructional tech. Peer Tutoring.

Develop the library collection in curricular areas. AHS Collection Development Policy

The Arcata High School Library is an instructional library that offers accurate and reliable information resources to support current information literacy and technology standards.  The library is not only a place to research, but also a place of production and a showcase of student work. Print materials, online databases, and free web resources are integrated to support student research and learning.  The library promotes recreational reading, making, and learning to all students during drop-in hours. Library staff directly supports and collaborates with teaching faculty.