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Library Use

*All school day use of computer labs and library should be scheduled through the library by filling out the form to the right. After school and weekend use is scheduled through the assistant principal's office. Please put in a request even if you don't think there is availability so that we can start tracking when we cannot book you (but also, we may have a way of fitting into your schedule!)
Rm 300, Library Lab, Library Lobby Calendar Key
  • Rm300 is the computer lab across from the elevator. Does not have a sound system.
  • L = Library Lab, the lab in the library. The Library Lab is interactive with sound system
  • Lobby= Library Lobby may be booked with or without laptops.
Chromebook Carts: Cart A, Cart B, Cart C, and Cart D (4 carts!) Calendar Key
  • There are 4 carts available: Cart A, B, C, D. All have 32-35 Chromebooks. They will be delineated by CA, CB, CC, CD on the Calendar.

Scheduling considerations:

  • Please reserve no more than 5 days in a row (except for special projects discussed with library staff).
  • Library should be notified of cancellations as soon as possible. If you do not use the lab on the first day and DO NOT NOTIFY US, then the reservation will be cancelled.
  • Labs may not be booked more than 12 weeks ahead of time.
  • Lab requests should be put in with 12hrs notice, with consideration to the library aide's hours being 7:30am-1:55pm.
  • All requests must be put through the online system. Do not schedule labs by calling the library or going in person because there may be a request ahead with the online system.
  • Wait for an email confirmation. Do not call, come to pick up a cart, come by the desk, etc. Check the calendar the morning of your reservation.
  • Room 300 key and projector remote are both checked out and returned from the LIBRARY the day, or class period(s), of use.


  • Teachers must accompany students to labs and monitor use of technology and student behavior.
  • Students must print responsibly (only what is required for class).
  • Teachers are recommended to assign students a certain number chromebook to use each time it is in the room. Students are to be held accountable for damage or misuse of chromebooks.
  • Chromebooks should be returned to the library or to the next person in rotation promptly after use is completed. At the end of the day, carts are due to the library by 3:30pm. All chromebooks should be correctly ordered and plugged in, with the checkout sheet completed and signed by the teacher.