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About the Library

The AHS Library is the commons area for the school and all students are welcomed

We are an instructional library that offers accurate and reliable information resources to support current information literacy and technology standards. Library staff directly supports and collaborates with teaching faculty and also promotes recreational reading, creating, and learning of all students. The  library aims to include diverse materials that equitably represent Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Latinx, Hispanic, Mixed, LGBTQ+, people with disability, and intersectional perspectives and voices. We strive to be a welcoming space for all students and staff. We are open to suggestions for improvement.


We directly support the school student learning outcomes that all students will be 

Responsible and Respectful

Independent and Collaborative Learners

Seekers of Knowledge

Engaged and Effective Communicators. 



Library Policies:

  1. The library is to be used for checking-in/out books, study, reading, and research during class periods.
  2. Students may use the library before school, during breaks and lunch.
    During these times, students may use the library for recreational use.
  3. Students must have a pass from their classroom teacher to use the library during class time and flex time.
  4. Students must sign-in when using the library.
  5. Masks must be worn  at all times in the library.
  6. Students with an open period must have a previous agreement to use the library; otherwise, students are expected to be off-campus during open periods.
  7. Classes have priority in the library over students who have free periods.
  8. Students must use the library for academic study, reading, research, etc. during open periods.
  9. Up to 10  books may be checked out for up to 4 weeks. Books may be renewed if there are no holds on them. 

Library FLEX TIME Policies:

Peer Tutoring: Students in this program should be actively engaged in study during this time. They must sign in to the Peer Tutoring attendance Google Form created by the students running the program. Students should check in with the Flex teacher first, then come to Peer Tutoring. Alyssa Kell is advisor to National Honor Society, the group running Peer Tutoring. 

1) Quiet Space: The Library is a quiet place for studying and reading during Flex. No games, phones, visiting or eating.
2) Limited Coming and Going: Students coming to the library should stay the entire time.  Even students just checking out a book to read can stay and read once they find a book. So send students with their backpacks, etc. just like if they are going to another class to study to limit coming and going (time spent out of class).

3) Printing: Students may pick up printouts the last 5 minutes and stay until the bell rings.
4) Textbooks: Students may study in the library with a library textbook copy, but may not check one out for short term use as there are not enough copies. Usually one copy per student unless an IEP or 504 Plan states otherwise.\
5) Passes/Notes: Library staff will NOT write passes to students to come to the library or to go back to class. Students need a pass from their teacher and are required to sign-in.

Ideally, students will study in their Flex time classrooms unless there is a special need to be in the library because the library has programs such as Peer Tutoring that take place during this time. 

Student Use of Materials:

  • Students must check out materials before taking them.
  • Materials are checked out for a three-week period, but may be renewed for more time if there is not a hold on the item.
  • Students will be charged the cost of replacing any lost or damaged materials.
  • Printing is not charged, but will be monitored and limited to academic use only.  No color printing is available. 
  • TEXTBOOKS: Textbooks for all subjects are available for student use in the library. Students will be charged for lost or damaged textbooks.