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Resources for History Day


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 Review the following Topic Lists to help get an idea of what you interests you:

Review the different types of project categories
*Some teachers assign the project category

The project category can change what you are looking for while researching. For example, if you are working on an exhibit/backboard, you will be looking for many more primary resources like letters, photographs, newspaper articles, etc. to put on your backboard that are visually appealing. 
Documentary  |  Exhibit  |  Paper  |  Performance  |  Website
Learn about Primary and Secondary Sources 
Secondary Resources 
Primary Resources
Not all teachers require an outline, but is is very useful to organize your research.
Write a Thesis Statement
      Review Thesis Comparisons (PDF)
Remember to Give Credit to Images and Primary Sources. You may want to be working on your annotated bibliography as you research. 
Type a Title Page and Process Paper