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About me...

ProfileI’ve been teaching Mathematics since 1995.  I received my undergraduate degrees from UC Santa Cruz and Cal Poly Humboldt, and my teaching credential from HSU.   I advise the Math Club, and the Chess Club. I like sailing, travel, classic motorcycles.
Course Schedule 2021-2022
Period 1  Honors PreCalculus / Math III
Period 2  AP Calculus (AB)
Period 3  Integrated Math 1
Period 5  Integrated Math 1
Period 6  Integrated Math 1
Google Classroom codes
P1   Honors PreCalc/ Math III     5bexahb
P2   AP Calculus                         frpdxcn
P3   Integrated Math 1                deuwh74
P5                                               deuwh74
P6                                               deuwh74