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The Agriculture Program provides students with an opportunity to gain lifelong skills through its connections to Career and Technical Education pathways, science,  and sustainable agriculture. Agriculture Program classes:


  •      Give students the opportunity to be a part of a Premier Leadership Organization.
  •      Provide college preparatory science classes for students throughout high school.
  •      Encourage Freshmen to take Sustainable Agriculture Biology.
  •      Fulfill senior year Government/Economics requirement as long as the student has completed 2 prior Agriculture classes.
  •       Allow students entering the program as a sophomore or older to start in Sustainable Agriculture Biology unless the Life Science requirement has been met.
  •      Provide a way to meet the area D  UC/CSU entrance requirements through the Agriscience pathway with 3 lab science courses.
  •      Expand opportunities by having some courses on a rotation and are not offered every year.
  •      Provide a project based experience in all Agriculture classes, including working with local businesses, group projects, and a variety of hands-on activities such as maintaining the school garden.
  •      Allow students enrolled in an Agriculture class to be an FFA member. Students work to develop their potential in leadership, personal growth, and career success within the FFA organization.
  •      Provide FFA members the chance to participate in speaking competitions, judging events, attend leadership conferences, and participate at the chapter, sectional, regional, state, and national levels.
  •      Provide students the opportunity to participate in a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) to develop entrepreneurial skills, work to secure a job that provides experience in a particular career, or learn how to make a difference in their community through a civic engagement.


Course Sequence for Agriculture Program

Agriscience Pathway:  

  1. Sustainable Ag. Biology
  2. Ag & Soil/Chemistry
  3. Advanced Agriscience

All Available Agriculture Science Courses:

  •     Sustainable Ag Biology (Life Science)
  •     Ag & Soil Chemistry (Physical Science)
  •     Advanced Agriscience CP/HON  (Interdisciplinary Science) offered even years


Available Social Science Courses:

            Ag Government/Economics (Social Sci.)


Available Fine Art Course:

            Floral Design (Fine Art) offered odd years


Newly Available Agriculture Elective Course:

            Ag Mechanics (CTE Elective) offered beginning 2023